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Making a book …

… is about making the world stand still long enough for a good, long exposure of one pearl in a sea full of broken shells. – Lynda Williams, publisher at Advertisements

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Visual Ideas for a Chest Tat?

What’s the best way to assemble a dragon to use as a chest tattoo? Wings spread? Head over the sternum? We’re exploring possibilities. If you’ve got ideas, please share! Links to visual suggestions would be grand, as well.   Art … Continue reading

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LARPing in Text

Woke up today on a battlewheel talking to Erien Lor’Vrel, a character in the Okal Rel Universe. For 30-odd years, he was the main avatar of my friend Alison. And Alison wasn’t the first friend I larp’d with in the … Continue reading

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OnAir on Trent Radio for the Summer : Mondays at 8:00 PM

Originally posted on Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy:
Speculating Canada is going On Air on Trent Radio for the summer. I will be on air every Monday at 8:00 (EST) throughout the summer starting next monday (April…

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Reality Skimming Press Social – April 26, 2014, 7 pm It’s not a launch, it’s a social. Friends in the lower mainland are invited to come catch up with what we’re doing. And kindred spirits to come meet us. The … Continue reading

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“Empathy flows in both directions …

“Empathy flows in both directions. At one point, afraid he might die in a coming conflict, the prince begs leave of his betrothed to lose his virginity to a courtesan, and she writes back in anguish telling him she wishes … Continue reading

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Klout Quandaries

Just been notified that my klout score of 52 puts me in the top 20% of social media users. Pride! (Really? I didn’t think I knew how this worked.) Guilt! (It’s not just about likes and hits!) Fear of failure! … Continue reading

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