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Visiting Amel

Book 9 of the Okal Rel Saga begins with Sam, barely married, but separated from Amel by war. This morning, preoccupied with work, grief and money, I did not want to get up and face my rel. What is an … Continue reading

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B01.001 – Pilots are Uncomfortable People

“Contact?” Ann asked. “Contact with Sevolites?” Grounded by her violent reaction to the medical treatment of her comatose partner, Ann was ready for any excuse to escape the house arrest her people call Supervision. An invitation to meet the mythical, … Continue reading

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Serialization of Okal Rel Saga

The Okal Rel Saga begins with Ann of Rire sulking about being grounded for slugging “brain mechanic” Lurol. The idea for this serialization began in 2013 when I met Jeff Doten, the first artist to do cover art for Throne … Continue reading

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Lynda’s Rules for Course Content

Yeah, this is my blog about my fiction life. But the truth is my obsession with Amel and Horth’s world has always driven skills development for my day job. So I’m going with being “one me” on the blogging front. … Continue reading

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